First baby steps to living the dream.

Yaayy. So this is the first tiny step to a journey that I have been procrastinating for quite a while.  Procrastinating because I was afraid and nervous. Can I really do this? However, I had to remind myself, I have nothing to lose but a whole lot to learn.

Why start a blog though? Well, I found myself having sleepless nights many times, having all these thoughts that I wanted to share with the world.  Opinions that I wanted to let out, and hopefully change the world one perception at a time. I wanted to give people a perspective to life that I think might change the way we interact with one another. So i guess it is all about CHANGE.

One of my favorite things to do is listening to people and giving advice. Am not perfect obviously. I have lived for only 25 years, I definitely do not have all the answers (could be from experience or education). Also, I will admit,  sometimes I do not take my own advice as well, lol, not because its not good advice, but because I’m also human and sometimes I’m not that strong enough to handle the truth. Nevertheless, the good advice must be shared, even when it is hard to take in. I believe that when it matters most, your heart will eventually find the strength to take it in. Another thing, I talk (type) a lot and laugh a lot more. LOL.

So I cant wait to share on this blog. Am excited, a bit nervous, but mostly excited. YAAAAS Vee, lets see what you gat.